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Learn music from the former Principal Violist in the Illinois Symphony Orchestra! Call now to schedule Music Lessons Normal IL with professional musician Christine Bock. Christine offers affordable lessons for students of all ages and experience levels.

Music Lessons Normal IL

New to stringed instruments? Here’s a quick rundown of the violin, viola and fiddle:

The violin is a stringed instrument with treble pitch. The musician plays it with a horsehair bow. Origins of the European, conventional violin trace back to the 1500s. The violin features four strings and a rounded body that is narrower in the mid-section. Also, it has two F-shaped sound holes.

Similar to the violin, the viola is a string instrument the player plucks and bows with various techniques. A viola is a little longer than a violin and emits a deeper, lower sound.

A fiddle and violin are basically the same musical instrument, with each featuring four strings. Like the violin, musicians pluck the fiddles strings or play it with a bow. They are virtually the same in their physical characteristics. However, it’s the style of music that distinguishes the fiddle from the violin. The Generally, we associate the violin with classical music and orchestras. On the other hand, we associate the fiddle with a wide range of musical styles like country, bluegrass and folk.

Christine has a Bachelor of Performance Degree she earned from Illinois State University. Additionally, she holds a Masters of Performance Degree from Northwestern University and a partly complete doctorate from University of Illinois. Her teaching career spans more than 30 years. She has spent time as an instructor at Andrews University, Knox College and most recently at Millikin University.

Regardless of your age or experience level, it’s never too late to enjoy music! Learn more at 309-530-0353.