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A stringed, musical instrument, the viola serves as the tenor of the violin category. It is made in proportions comparable to the violin. However, the viola’s length is typically 14.5 to 17 inches, which is around 2 inches longer than the violin. The viola’s four strings tune to C, G, D and A, starting with the C just below the middle C. Violin strings, on the contrary, proceed from G, D, A to E. Additionally, a viola’s strings tend to be a little thicker.

The viola features a darker, warmer tone that the violin. Contemporary symphony orchestras usually feature between 6 and 10 violas. Without a doubt, the viola is an important part of string quartets and chamber music ensembles.

Viola Lessons Normal IL

Violinists typically read their sheet music from the treble clef. Violists, on the other hand, usually learn the less common alto clef. Certainly, the alto clef isn’t as widely known as the treble clef, but the concept is comparable. The center line of the stave is a C4 instead of a B5. Everything else proceeds in standard order from that point.

Another difference between the instruments can be found with the bow frogs. The frog is the component the musician holds at the base of the bow. It’s often decorated with a slide and circle. Generally, viola bows are a little heavier than a violin bow. Also, the frog will have a curve to it rather than a straight edge.

A violin’s top string is an E, while the viola’s top string is an A, which is five notes below. The viola’s pitch generally sounds lower and a little more mellow in comparison to a violin.

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